Install Guide

The BikeTag is super easy to install:

  1. Pair your AirTag (not included) with your iPhone (also not included, we're not made of money!). This is super easy, just wave the iPhone over the AirTag and follow the on screen guide.
  2. Unpeel the red protective film from the 3M pad on top of the BikeTag to reveal the sticky pad.
  3. Stick the AirTag (not included) onto the pad, silver side up.
  4. Insert the BikeTag into the bottom of your mountain bike's tapered steerer tube.
  5. Tighten the bolt until it stops turning - the BikeTag is now solidly wedged in there.
  6. Crack a well earned beer - your bike is trackable


For extra security, the BikeTag has a security bolt fitted by default (don't worry, the tool is included!). If you'd like to store emergency spares in the steerer tube above your BikeTag, you can remove the security bolt and replace it with the included hex head bolt. Now you can remove the BikeTag with a multitool and get at your emergency cash/spares/jelly babies while you're out on the trail. Neat!