BikeTag is the brainchild of a couple of university friends, Mark and Tim.

While we were studying, our best friends home made steel hardtail was stolen while he had a cup of tea with a friend. Countless hours of hard graft and memories, gone in those 5 minutes. 

As it happened, we were studying electronics engineering, and resolved to do something about it. After countless ideas and nearly as many prototypes we had a sad realisation: GPS tracking just doesn't work for bikes. To get enough signal for the GPS to work reliably, the antenna needs to be too big to hide effectively on a bike. Then to communicate the location to the bikes owner, you need a mobile phone connection, which requires a monthly subscription, and a decent sized battery. It was hopeless. 

When Apple released the AirTag in 2021, our dreams were answered. A years battery life and subscription free tracking in a super compact package - every iPhone on the planet (all 2 billion of them!) looking out for your bike, then telling you its whereabouts in a super robust app - Apple's own FindMy app.

We just had to work out how to hide it on the bike. On the bottle cage mounts? Too obvious, and ugly! Under the saddle? Too easy to remove. Then it hit us - inside the tapered steerer tube - very well hidden and impossible to remove without the correct security bit - perfect!

It was important to us that as much as possible of the product is made in the UK, and so it is - the plastics, packaging, even the brass insert that the bolt screws into are all made in the UK. The end product is then assembled in Lancashire, where it all began!