How does BikeTag work?
The BikeTag Trail is a covert mount for an Apple AirTag. Whenever anyone with an iPhone (1.9 billion users and counting!) walks within 15m of the AirTag hidden inside your bike, their phone will detect the presence of the AirTag and updates the position of your bike within the Apple FindMy app, letting you track it effortlessly. This system uses much less power than a GPS tracker, so the battery life is much longer (about 1 year!). It is also subscription free. 

Does BikeTag only work with iPhones?

BikeTag Trail is primarily a holder for an Apple AirTag. The AirTag is only compatible with iPhones. However, the Tile Sticker will also work just fine with the BikeTag and is Android compatible. The only catch is you need a Tile Premium subscription, which is £29.99/year.

Is the Apple AirTag included?
No, the AirTag is not included. You can buy them from Apple directly, on Amazon, and in many physical stores.

Does hiding the AirTag inside a bike diminish its range?
A little, but we've carefully designed the BikeTag Trail to minimise any loss in range by making it as slim as possible. In free space, we measured the range as 25m. Once in the head tube, it dropped down to 15m. This isn't a big problem, as the chances of being within 15m of an iPhone still very high. In all our testing, we were able to find bikes with the AirTag installed in the steerer within minutes. We even managed to track a van with a bike in the back!

Can I just use it to plug up the steerer hole?
Sure, why not. Might as well add an AirTag while you are at it, though.

Is it waterproof?
The Apple AirTag itself is IP67 rated, so can withstand 1 meter of immersion for 30 minutes. Unless you're going bike scuba diving, you should be fine!